Last Week (or so) in SWG

In my last post I talked about my neighbors and how gay they are. This post I’m going to try and fill in the gaps from then until now, if my memory serves me correctly (big IF).

You may remember a couple posts back about a “pipe dream” of creating a new player helping guild to attempt to improve SWGs retention rate. Well, a week or so ago I stumbled upon a post in the official SWG forums for my server from a guy who was asking if that had ever been done before. Some said it had been done but is no longer around. The guy said he would be interested in doing this and I signed on as the trader instructor. I was offered a role as Deputy Guild Leader but declined due to my sporadic play times/desire to play.

First thing I did was create 5 of each personal harvester capped with a BER of 5 (9 for the wind harvesters). I put them in a chest named Loan Harvesters and placed it in the guild hall. Next I got on Teokip and created a bunch of as good as I can control units, electronic gp modules, energy distributors, micro sensor suites and droid storage compartments. I then used these on Levie to create some as good as I can make crafting stations, all of which were over 29 functionality (cap is 44.99999 aka not gonna happen for a while), and placed them in the guild hall as well.

So far I have only talked to the leader a few times in game and one member who I think may have already quit. It kind of sucks, but I am in no shape to attempt to build a guild right now. I answered that guys space question and I don’t even play the space game, you know, I did all I could really. It’s hard to find givers willing to be instructors. Plus the leader is from the UK so our times are a bit off. I hear he has some UK members which I imagine to be neat when they’re all online. Maybe some day I’ll find out hah.

I moved my houses north of Bestine which is where our houses and guild hall are located. Which means I lost the neighbor war with the RP kiddies, dratz!

My business has picked up quite a bit, to the tune of me having over a million credits for around a week. I just posted an instant sale of the forums as well, if it sells (which it almost has to because I sell so cheap) then I’ll be making 3 million.

I’m getting there my friend, yes I am.

I will be respeccing Teokip and Jicont (2nd trader on Teokip acct) to Structures Traders asap. It is too goddamn annoying trying to level 3 different Traders, this way I only have to focus on 3 resources. Water, metal, ore. I’ve got a shit ton of harvesters and making more has gotten a lot easier so harvesters are not a problem.

Levie is level 77 I believe, Teokip is 48, Yrqo hit 25, and Jicont is 18. I’ll be respeccing Teokip and Jicont when they’re 90. Then Teokip will be able to create advanced control units, micro sensor suites, etc which should get me closer to 44.99999 on the crafting stations.

I have created more +15.00 crafting tools on Levie, thanks to some high CD copper spawning on a planet that isn’t Mustafar.

There is a spawn of low grade ore with pretty high HR/SR/UT which is better than the low grade ore I used to use on harvesters. Hooray.

I respecced Yrqo to a Commando. Commando is just so goddamn great, way better than Spy. I get grenades and then I get cluster bomb rofl. Cluster bomb is like 2 grenades at once I think, probably for more damage. You need 20 points on your kill meter to use it (and then the 20 points are gone) and there is even an expertise to add 2 more bombs to it which I’m getting asap.

I mainly made this change because I’d like to level Yrqo some time. I will probably do this via afk pet grinding which could lead me to afk junk loot farming. I’d do either asap if only I knew how, but I know the AOE has got to help a shit ton. Junk loot sells for 4.5k a piece but pretty much only if it is in bulk. People don’t really go out of their way to buy your 1 piece of junk loot for 4.5k on your vendor unless you’ve got a bunch more there. Which is why I just save them for now.

I need to figure out how to get a cheap pet, I don’t think they exist. I need to get afk grind macros. I need to have a level 90 combat toon OMG.

I stopped playing Bonedead/Inept due to the server being full of a bunch of dipshits (wow kiddie rejects) and the market being saturated with what I want to sell.

I guess that is it. I did it, haha, I remembered everything that happened since my last post, hooray! I should celebrate by buying another little bag of chronic, another week of the good stuff here I come!

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