Character Introductions pt. 2

Last time I introduced you to my characters on Bloodfin. Today I am going to be introducing my characters on Chilastra, my lower level, for some reason more enjoyable characters from Chilastra.

First up we have Levie Oho. Levie is a Structures Trader who currently sells Power at 2cpu. He is looking to expand his business into more things Structures (or Resources), but will need to master his profession first.

Levie Oho:
Here we see Levie sitting in his ‘Thinking Chair’ at his ‘Planning Desk’. This is where he gets his business ideas. Those crafting stations right next to him is where he creates the tools needed for his business ideas.

When he isn’t sitting in his office thinking of more ways to make money or more projects to create a greater supply of resources, he just might be standing outside of his shop admiring what he has accomplished so far.

Levie’s older brother and original business partner, Yrqo Oho, helped Levie get his initial funding for his business via his skills as a Spy.

Yrqo Oho:
Since Yrqo has taken a break from the perils of being a Spy (the killing) he has taken to helping his brother out with his business. Usually this involves gathering resources from harvesters.

Though he avoids killing, Yrqo still enjoys sneaking around and eavesdropping on the neighbors. Sometimes his stealth can be good for business.

The youngest of the three brothers and the newest employee of Levie Oho’s Cheap Pass Power is Teokip Oho, an Engineer Trader.

Teokip Oho:
Teokip is the only of the three brothers with the gall to go to Mustafar. This makes him a very valuable asset due to Mustafar being a very volcanic planet with high quality metals.

To give you an idea of how valuable of an employee he is, take a look at this Intrusive Ore he mined just yesterday.

Well, those are the Brothers Oho. I hope you enjoyed meeting them. My next posts are going to be on their life/goings on in the galaxy. There have been some interesting encounters with certain neighbors that I feel I should share with you.

Talk to you again soon!


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