Character Introductions

In my following posts I am going to be talking about my toons by their first name, so before I just went ahead and did that I thought, why not do introductions?

First we have Bonedead, owner of the currently private business: Bonedead & Company. He is a level 90 Structures trader based out of Tatooine on the Bloodfin server.

Here we see Bonedead doing what he loves: Gathering resources from his harvesters. There even appears to be some wildlife in the background.

This is Bonedead’s profession window showcasing some of his leet skrillz.

Next we have Bonedead’s employee and probably some sort of eventual “bodyguard”, Inept Eoshiswo. Inept is a level 50 Zabrak Jedi.

Inept Eoshiswo:
Inept prefers the environment on Tatooine. When he isn’t working he enjoys just walking around in the sand by Bonedead’s house.

Here is a gif of Inept doing his Jedi thing, which he doesn’t do very often.

Unfortunately it is 5 am, I woke up at 3 thirsty like a mofugga and look at me now. I wanted to update Tuesday but work sucked and today I’m in our main office so no goofin off. Here is a brief introduction for my favorite character family: The Ohos.

These toons are my favorite to play. I don’t know if it is because there are 3 of them, that they’re lower level, or that they have a vendor/business. What I do know is is that Levie, Yrqo, and Teokip Oho are a wonderful bunch of brothers. Levie is the middle child who started and runs the business as a Structures Trader. Yrqo is the oldest brother, a Spy by trade but works for Levie now to put his skills to a more interesting use. Teokip is the youngest brother who just recently joined what is becoming a successful family business as an Engineer Trader.

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