Goodbye SWG, Hello DAoC Trial, See You Soon Conan

Yep, that’s how it goes in the WWW (wild wild west).

My RL buddy that started playing SWG with me and I have decided that we want to play AoC at release. My SWG sub renewed the 1st, so I canceled it a little bit ago. I gotta pre-order AoC now, I want that head start nukka!

Time fillers until then:
1) DAoC trial. I don’t know what class I’m gonna make, but I’m gonna pwn. Maybe a Hunter or Rogue (haven’t played one of those in a while).

2) CS. Always a good way to waste time and feel bad about it.

3) Savage 2. Maybe I’ll finally let that 5 minute patch finish finally and check out what they’ve done with the game. Maybe not.

I would still like to compile my SWG footage into a farewell video, but who knows.



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