Excitement! Adventure!

Hooray! I made friends in SWG on my roleplaying heavy (most people go there to roleplay) server. How did I meet these friends? Well, let me start at the beginning to bring you up to speed.

As you know I have started from scratch as a Smuggler. Well, let’s just say it isn’t easy repeating shit you’ve already repeated. It’s safe to say that my play time was diminishing. I attempted to correct this by making a new toon, an Entertainer! I’ve never played one, and it is so gay lol. I made a Sullustian fat ass female, you know, Lando’s co pilot in the 6th episode at the end there, yeah, a female one. Fat and gross as all hell, except I don’t wear clothes, so I’m in granny panties. Anyways, Entertainers hang out in Cantinas. Turns out, most entertainers are roleplayers, and most roleplayers hang out in cantinas. LOL. Man is it funny seeing them hold down shift to walk around each other. I won’t lie, it makes you want to do it too, but I found my way around this ghey hurdle.

You see the jump command in swg was definitely a fucking after thought. You have to hold it down to see the entire animation, which means, tapping it quickly, can result in awesomeness. What I like to do is, what I like to call “The Nutcracker”, which is me holding shift (walk) and tap jump a lot. It makes me look like a Nutcracker (imo).

This shit drives roleplayers fucking crazy. Which is hilarious to me lol, especially since they’re mostly teenfags with (ROLEPLAY) tags on (which is toggled, displays above your head), and to be honest they’re mostly all horrible at it(roleplaying). Half the time they’re just trying to play out some stupid fucking scene from a movie where one guy says: “I wouldn’t say that if I wuz you!” to which the other guy says: “Oh yeah well maybe I will!”.

It is fucking hilarious though. Especially the adult ones, who are like, really fucking serious about it. This one dude was ethuggin it up RP style and challenged the guy to a duel outside. He walks out of the cantina (I follow in full Nutcracker effect) and walks away around the corner, see, he’s roleplaying that he has to go get his armor, rofl. I mean, sure, good one in a roleplay sense, but, c’mon, fucking hilarious. Anyway, he comes back and whoops the teenfags ass.

One thing that’s also hilarious is OOC text. When they’re talking out of character (ooc) they put their text in parenthesis. I’ve received a few ((Fuck you!))s, a couple ((/addignore you budday!))s (they don’t say budday btw) and I’ve got to say it’s quite funny to me. They’re all serious roleplayer mode and then they gotta stop their 4 man sausage orgy to OOC me in the face!

One thing that I noticed that I found interesting involved Mr. Walk around the corner to get my armor man. As he walked away I followed him for a while, bouncin around, and he said ((FUCK OFF)), so, I did because i don’t wanna get in trouble csr style. Anyways, I figured this guy fucking hated me, which I can understand, I really can. Anyways when he came back to duel the other guy and won I cheered for him. Now, when I did this, I was reminded of schoolyard behavior so goddamned much, and heres why. See I praised this guy (with a few people watching as well), and then he lets loose a lol or a haha yeah! Then I say to the loser: “You just got RPed in the face nobzor!”

This made the roleplayer dude fucking so happy and excited, it was like he got accepted into the cool kids club or something. I hate to say that, considering I’ve been that guy, no doubt, at some point in my life. I’m not claiming to be leader of the cool kids club or anything of the sort. I’m just pointing out what may be a common characteristic of roleplayers. Which is, the want to be accepted by their “arch enemies”, the leet speak pwnzor dudes like muhself. I won’t lie, I’d like RPers to like me, and PvEers. Iunno, maybe everyone just wants to feel a part of something.

Anyways, I made friends! Haha, one dude named -Souless- comes in the cantina and he’s doin the Nutcracker! I ran up to him and we bounced all over the place, it fucking ruled. Now, he ran off and I kept doing my thang and eventually I wound up outside watching the Jedis duel, which is a popular spot to see people. I end up running into my buddy again and we bounce all over the place, through all the roleplayers, it really makes me feel so good doing it. We go to the bank and his buddy is there, who is like 84 Jedi, fuckin awesome. He also Nutcrackers and now I’ve got 2 friends. It’s awesome to finally have friends like me.

It’s odd though, the Souless guy is either somewhat retarded or a youngin like I used to be. I always seem to get along so much better with young kids. I think its just because the funniest shit to me is asshole/dickhead funny shit. I know kids love that shit, its definitely a CS kind of thing I believe. Iunno!

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