Ground control to Major Tom

Somebody set us up the bomb.

Help computer.



Hello there stranger. It’s been a few and for good reason. Right now I shouldn’t even be doing this. See I work at an accountant’s office, for my Dad actually. It’s that time of the year too, busy as all shit until after April. It’s my first tax season, and I’m strugglin’. Which is why I shouldn’t be typing this right now, I’m at work.

But yeah, out of work I’ve still been playin’ some Savage 2. Here is a link to my player stats page. As you can see I’m still gaining. My W:L ratio is evening out more and my K:D is staying the same, which is good enough for now. I’ve been raising my hp repaired; kills and assists always go up, same as deaths :p

Been playing with one of my clan mates a lot, BLUEPOWERVAN, he’s good and when I’m aware of where he’s goin’ we usually stomp people. So, I’m still having fun.

I went to buy the Collector’s Edition yesterday and got charged for a regular game purchase, received 1 scratch off instead of 5, etc. Hopefully this will be taken care of today, which I’m sure it will because S2 is good people.

Don’t forget to TRY SAVAGE 2. Free game download, 5 hours demo time (with few restrictions), and gameplay like you’ve never experienced before!

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