Sneaky Super Sekr1t Post from Work!

I just finished up one of our biggest/last clients so, chea, time to waste 5 minutes.

This weekend I plan on finally doing something with my WSG footage. The problem with the footage is while I recorded I was listening to music (see: sneak preview part deux). So, if I want to make the video not as fucking long, for you guys’ sake, it might sound kind of fucking stupid.

I plan on taking this blog down a little side road from time to time, to discuss PvP tactics. I’m going to have a sneak preview of this, hopefully, in my WSG video, if the sound isn’t too hard of a thing to figure out.

Later on down the road I’d like to expand on the theories of PvP tactics in games other than WoW, including DAoC and Counter-Strike definitely.

Mainly what I will be trying to highlight is how a PvPer thinks. I’ll be pausing video, pointing little details out, showing you how to outsmart your opponents. I can almost guarantee that when I’m done with you guys that you will be able to tell what some players are going to do, before they even do it.

But, that’s only if you fuckers keep coming here to see me, you knows I loves ya.

Cya this weekend bitches!


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