How I Spent My Vacation: SNEAK PREVIEW

Yeah that’s right Gordon Freewoman and Mr. Jennings, I stole teh title.

So I Frapsed one of my best WSG rounds and encoded them down from multiple gigs to around 250 mb, each part (there are 4). So, I’ve got to make it a lot fucking smaller, and I’m new to video editing and compression, but I think I can figure it out. It’s a total runtime of around 26 minutes. I’ve still got to record and edit/compress the commentary, which is the only reason I did everything else.

There’s no video to see yet, because they’re too big to upload to the internets imo, however, there is a friggin small 15 sec preview, that isn’t a preview at all, simply because I’m not even in WSG. It does show the extent of what I did for my vacation though. It’s really depressing guize.

So, without further ado, the much awaited: How I Spent My Vacation (bonedead style) THE SNEAK PREVIEW!

Hope you enjoyed teh show, bai2u.

Edit– Grrrrr. After the video it links to the European “Bonedead” fagor, wonder where he got his name. Worst part is, he is also a Warlock, except he’s already max level, friggin asshole. I think he’s also got a UI, really crowding the bonedead name eh.


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