Back up in your ass with the resurrection

I decided to say fuck off to CoX because, well, it sucks. I can’t just do quests/missions all day, I’m sorry.

I created yet another free DAoC account, huzzah! This game is always fun, always, no matter what, it is never unfun. I don’t care if you feel the same way about it, but if you’ve played on a classic server recently, it’s friggin never ending fun.

I made a Dwarven Valkyrie and she’s so purdy. I helped a guy recreate a guild and am now a Rank 1 member in said guild, and I’m only level 20, aww how sweet. That being said, the guild leader was level 39 when it formed and is now 50, in the span of maybe 2-3 days. This game is all about getting you to the fun, fast.

The guild was formed with a bunch of low levels, even the GL created it with an alt. So what did we low levels decide to do? Low level PvP of course! The mobs in RvR zones always give more xp, so we decided to get some levels. I believe we were able to catch a few stragglers and gain a few levels before we tired and I left.

Before level 15 I was very skeptical of this new class, mainly because I played a Skald to 50 on a previous free account. I also didn’t have as many abilities as I’d of liked, which I do now.

DAoC is the game I stopped grouping with random people in. Namely the dungeon named Nisse’s for lower levels (Mid side). I haven’t grouped with people for years, but that all changed a few days ago when I was asked to join a Nisse’s group. We were fucking awesome, we all got to level 17ish from 10 in about two hours, which is pretty good imo.

From there we headed into Killaloe, the battlegrounds for levels 15-19. There was a time when all of the Battlegrounds besides 20-24 and 30-34 were empty, now you’ll find someone in any BG at almost any time of the day, it truly is amazing. Just this morning, at 6:30 AM EST, I was in a group of 6 in the 15-19 BG. As I said, amazing.

We didn’t get much RvR done after Nisse’s, most people wanted to train, most people were tired of grouping by that point. So we went our separate ways, I’ve yet to run into one of them again. However, yesterday I went back to Killaloe and joined a group that contained a guildie of mine. We fought off the albs and hibs and then made our way into the center keep.

Somebody had made a hole in the wall so all we needed was a ram for the inner door, which obviously someone brought over. It was during these moments when I realized I somewhat enjoy my class. I believe my current kill:death ratio is around 7:1 with the actual numbers being around 77:11. So that’s pretty good I figure.

This morning was something to behold though. Really, I had the best time so far on this toon this morning. We had a group of 4, 2 shaman (1 was lower level and squishy) 1 supp sm and me, Mr I mean Mrs Valkyrie. We already had CK from the day before where I helped capture it, so we were on defense in the AM. It started out by us running around looking for our alb friends who had a group of 5 going. Then we got sidetracked by the group of 4 hibs. As we were saddened with the thought of no more RPs, we discovered the albs had snuck passed us and set up some trebs on our center keep! OH NOES WE BEZ UNDER SIEGES!

So we rush the albs, slaughter them with glee, and set up shop inside our ck, for the albs had made a hole in our wall. They began to gain in numbers and kept pouring in the hole as we slowly, but surely, squelched their attacks. Then we became overwhelmed, as some of you may know albs like to spring out of holes in the ground, so they had plenty of people.

Good thing for us, these people become bored easily and leave or wander off where it is not as safe. Say to the sides of the keep, by the postern doors. So I would sneak out and lure a couple of guys to come mess with me, all the while my shaman buddies inside have the group healage powers that be. So I destroy about 5 of thier guys, one by one, some more than once due to them being rezzed.

By now my side door trick has the attention of their entire group, they even stopped rolling the ram to the front door to come mess with me. Bad idea imo, since they never got that ram to the door. We made our move and met the brute of their group, two friars and an mercenary with a cleric in da back. I destroy the friars while using my cone effects to interrupt as many of the clerics heals as I can. A heretic peers his head around the corner and is quickly dealt with. A couple other assorted albs also appear, but are much too squishy for my ultimate power and I vanquish them with ease.

The cleric is running, so is the fire wiz, we give chase! Out of the hole in the wall, down the mountain, I catch the cleric and send him packin. The fire wiz fell to his death, because he is smart. It really was a great hour and a half of playtime. All that, happened in an hour and a half at 6:30 AM EST. Amazing, I know.

DAoC has been labeled as a dying game. You might even use this post as proof by saying that since I have free accounts, they’re not even making money off of a fan of their game. However, I plan on resubbing my 50 Skald account from my prior DAoC stint. Same server as well. I’ve already got a guild lined up for me, some phat moneys on my main, plenty of alts for BG fun, and a max level speed class which is almost always in demand for RvR.

This game is not dying, the sense of community on the classic cluster is just as it was around the days of release. There are new players left and right, but remember, they ask for help, which I’ve noticed a lot of current players provide. With the newer global advice and lfg channels, it can be seen that this game is not dying. This game is at one of it’s best points imo.

What other game can you reach max level in before your trial runs up? What game allows you to level to max level purely by PvPing? What more could you ask for?

I recommend everyone give DAoC another shot, I only recommend the classic servers though, because ToA is gay.

1 thought on “Back up in your ass with the resurrection

  1. The only thing dieing about this game are the areas that no one has a reason to visit any longer. Mythic would be wise to cut a lot of the wasted space and consolidate. You know, like the entire SI land mass 😛

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