Equally gay

I should finally be getting teh new internets thanks to Verizon and no thanks to Comcast. Screw you Comcast, you’re lucky the TV still works somewhat properly. I expect teh DSLz to arrive sometime this week (*crosses fingers*).

What could I achieve with this improvement in my internet department? CS games, that’s for damn sure. Better performance in any MMO I decide to play, better performance in the download shit category, and above all: better speedtest stats.

I‘ve been playing CoH with a 14 day trial account. I had heard about this game when it came out but never really gave it any thought due to the lack of PvP it had for so long. I still haven’t reached the PvP, I think at 15-20 you can start to participate, but I haven’t checked recently. I am level 15 though, so maybe I’ll get lucky and find out that I can now PvP.

I highly doubt it due to being the minimum level required, though they do balance levels in groups, or some such nonsense. I was surprised to see an update for CoH yesterday, considering the game hardly even exists to me. But I guess people play everything, I’ve just about tried to.

The game itself is rather enjoyable, mainly because I can kill groups of people at a time and run really friggin fast. I really doubt this will hold my interest for that long.

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